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Era of Good
-After Kalevala’s Sampo, Good prepares for coming Era of Evil
-Wanton Lemminkäinen wanders to Mahabharata Hills
-Lemminkäinen learns Lord Krishna’s advice to Arjuna
-Lemminkäinen learns Lord Buddha’s way
-Lemminkäinen learns Lord Jesus’ and Prophet’s teachings.

Evil tries to get the power
-Creation of Räikkö Räähkä
-Murderer kings – absolute manslaughter
-Nation awakening until labor murder
-WW II nation murder

Era of Evil
-Language murder
-New slavery
-Pervert sexuality
-Wanton Lemminkäinen comes home
-Soldiers could not rape Marion of Saaremaa
-Nokia Swan Song

Love in the Era of Evil
-Birth of Lembit – The Last Buddha
-Lembit is in search of the Truth
-Lembit gets into deception of pleasures
-Lembit learns Kapthad Baba’s and Dalai Lama’s teaching
-Lembit learns Nelson Mandela’s teachings
-Lembit meditates in Saaremaa white midsummer nights

Kalevas (Golden Path Commandments) as disclosed by Lembit – The Last Buddha
-Lembit teaches the Kalevas for 2000s
-Law of Nature (Dharma)
-Law of Purpose (Artha)
-Law of Love (Kama)
-Law of Liberation (Moksha).

Note, contents is a draft, and it may be changed a bit during the writing process.