This is a story of integrating European and Asian wisdoms to serve the desperate need of sustaining philosophy and even religion for people in the 2000s. The World has come to the point that Evil is taking the power and Good is losing. Greed is the highest value and destroying the Earth is the widely spread practice.

The story is based on wisdom of the original people in Europe, Kalevas (Suomi, Estonia) and people in Asian Mahabharata (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Lanka).

In 1997, a Suomi man Ilmari Röyskä got an invitation to meet an extraordinary 106 year old person, a highest Hindu guru Kapthad Baba, in his house in Buddhanilkantha, Nepal. As being a seasoned truth-searcher and business director, Ilmari thought the whole night, what he would talk to the honored guru. After a short visit, Kapthad Baba gave a secret mission to Ilmari. He did not disclose it, but told that one day, it will be quite obvious.

And today, December 2013, it is crystal clear. The mission is to write a book about The Last Buddha – Viimeinen Buddha.

Ilmari Röyskä has a long carrier in many occupations and positions, and his academic span is quite extended. He has worked in Finnish, Swedish, Nepalese and South African companies. During the last years, he has been a cultural guru for many European directors and experts that work with Indians.

He is also one of the modern age “Sampo” developers. His innovations include widespread synthesis of many separate disciplines. He started his Asian cultural studies, 30 year ago, from Japanese Kendo, with the guidance of the book of the greatest samurai Shinmen Miyamoto Musashi. Those years, Ilmari also studied Hinduiosm, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.